The History You know, from the people who were there

Read and hear the events that made the headlines around the world in the past century, from the eyewitnesses that were on the ground at the time it was happening. Get unique perspectives and insights into the lesser explored aspects and shed a rare new light on those topics that have captured our interest for generations.

Out Now

"A  man on a mission. A guy on a journey. A dude who just WON'T stop asking questions." 


All those sentences have been used to describe Daniel throughout the years. His curiousity has led him all around the world to feed his insatiable thirst for historical knowledge. 

He'll do anything to get close to history. This drive has allowed him to get access to resources and information many people only dream of. 

By placing an emphasis on primary sources of information, Daniel looks to take a different approach to simply reading your average textbook. 

For example, his first book, "The Things They've Seen" allows you to get the stories from the people that were living in Germany during WWII and the Cold War, to give you a glimpse of what was happening on the ground floor.

Calling in all the favours, Daniel managed to find 8 eyewitnesses from all walks of life to tell their experiences during some of the most devastating periods in modern history. 

Read their accounts of the fall of Berlin, or what it was really like to be a Stasi prisoner or even how it was to be a German soldier during WWII. 

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